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Anti-Zionism is racism. US Observer (3 months 12 days ago)

Zionism is the Jewish nationalistic movement declaring that the Jewish people, just like other ethnic groups of people, have a right for self-determination. ANTI-Aioznism, therefore, is declaration that the Jews, UNLIKE other ethnic groups, DO NOT HAVE a right for self-determination. This means that ANTI-Zionism is DISCRIMINATION of Jews. Discrimination of people by their race or ethnicity is RACISM by definition. This concludes the explanation showing that Anti-Zionism is racism.

Dear Islamonazists! US Observer (3 months 30 days ago)

Two more questions to Israel haters: 1. why in mix Palestinian with Israeli Arab marriages ALL those couples want to live in "racist" Israel and not in Palestine? 2. Why Israeli Arabs are angry about proposed land exchange, in which Arabs towns and villages in Israel will move under Palestinian control in exchange for Israeli settlements in Judea?

ShepetivkFruff RU Observer (10 months 7 days ago)

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Support Israel=Support Democracy US Observer (1 year 9 months ago)

In the Palestinian Territories, they name schools after terrorists who blow up buses filled with civilians. Israel is a democracy: every Israeli citizen can vote including minorities such as Israeli Arabs. They vote for the party that best represented their interests, including Arab parties. In contrast, when Hamas won the last Palestinian election in 2007 they killed their rivals in Gaza. There hasn't been a vote since. It seems that "democracy" is only appropriate if Palestinian citizens vote for the "right" party. Israel is not perfect. However, those who oppose Israel are much, much worse. Therefore it makes sense to back Israel to the hilt against the forces of darkness that emanate from that region.

A good Muslim MY Observer (2 years 3 months ago)

I am quran reciter and I never heard this ridiculous thing in Holy Quran. Such bad person who kill innocent people. Taliban is not muslim. Isis are non believer. Allah almighty god !

Liberal left = Radical Islam US Observer (2 years 7 months ago)

This leftist Trojan horse is using democracy to hijack and destroy any country. Israel is one of the strongest democracy in the world. The left is the cancer inside Israel that has been spreading hatred against Israel and against the Jewish people around the world. To save Israel existence as a nation and as people, Israel will have to surgically remove the cancerous enemy from within. It is the responsibility of the Israeli government to protect the only democracy in the Middle East.

Keep the barrier! US Observer (3 years 18 days ago)

The Palestinians stopped suicide bombings years ago.They had to because of the barrier! . . Samples: 73 suicide bombs since 2000, hundreds dead and thousands horribly injured. Poor children blown to bits. Thank Gawd for the separation wall. The Palestinians turn the suicide bombers into heroines and martyrs. They named a square for terrorist Dalal Al Mughrabi who mounted a school bus killing thirteen kids.

Arabs aren't partners for peace. US Observer (3 years 5 months ago)

The root of the problem is terrorism. Hamas is a fanatical terrorist organization driven by Islamic extremism with the stated goal of eradicating Israel and replacing it with an Islamic caliphate. Its goals and methods are no different to so many of the other Jihadist terrorist groups such as ISIS, Boko Haram and Al Qaeda. The Israeli blockade is in place solely to prevent Hamas from acquiring the weapons it needs to fulfill its genocidal fantasies.

John CA Observer (3 years 11 months ago)

Arabs = Pigs lke Johsan.

Kate UA Observer (4 years 3 months ago)

Good article . Will definitely copy it to my blog.Thanks.

anna UA Observer (4 years 3 months ago)

A successful blog needs unique, useful content that interests the readers UA Observer (4 years 4 months ago)

important information. It’s really useful. Thanks UA Observer (4 years 4 months ago)

Great article . Will definitely copy it to my blog.Thanks.

joshan SA Voted for NOT (4 years 6 months ago)

Jewish Ziones.. they are not even human

Reality. US Observer (4 years 7 months ago)

I would bet that most Palestinians living in Jerusalem would strongly prefer to live under Israeli rule rather than PLO rule. Whatever difficulties Palestinians living in E.Jerusalem face they still have access to Israeli health-care and welfare and enjoy the freedoms and opportunities of living under Israeli control.I would imagine that virtually all Arab citizens of Israel would prefer to remain in Israel rather than live under the \"dream and freedom\" of an independent Palestinian state.

Discover of the truth. US Voted for Pays Bombers (4 years 8 months ago)

Do not talk about Invasions and Israel as if you people are doing it for them you are cowards afraid to go and fight against people that can defend themselves. So you commit acts of murder and call it jihad. You hide behind you religion and propose antiquated laws to try and control people. Two things Muslims fear are real soldiers with guns and a woman that can read.

Ninda Observer (4 years 8 months ago)

I was really confused, and this answered all my quetsions.

Psicho US Observer (4 years 8 months ago)

Please keep thrwonig these posts up they help tons.

Merpatiputih US Observer (4 years 8 months ago)

Smack-dab what I was loiokng for-ty!

Kaos SE Observer (4 years 8 months ago)

Thank you for posting this video. I hope it\'s ok, i have petosd on my facebook page wall. you spoke so well, may love and light shine through your life here.Salaam!

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